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Nintendo opened up their Nintendo Direct with a look at the upcoming DLC for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, showing off newe regions to explore like The Indigo Disk, and showcasing some of the 230 additional monsters to snag.

More details are still to come as the DLC gets closer to release with two DLC expansions with the first one set to drop this autumn, centred around a village festival in The Teal Mask, while the second, The Indigo Disk, takes you to the futuristic academy of the undersea Terarium Dome.

Expect plenty more to be drip fed to us in the coming months, as Game Freak look to expand on easily the biggest and most successful Pokémon game to date. Hopefully they can maybe improve on some of the persisting technical deficiencies while they’re digging around in the game’s code?

Despite some wonky performance, this game pairing showed good signs for the series’ future. In our Pokémon Scarlet and Violet review, Jason said, “Pokémon Scarlet and Violet feel like the awkward second evolution of one of its starters. It’s growing into something resplendent, it’s showing signs of an exciting second type, but it’s got that weird vibe of a 20-something that hasn’t quite figured out who they actually are. Add that weirdly stretched feeling to the constant technical oddities and you’ve got a game that’s undoubtedly good fun, but it’s still not even it’s final form. I can’t wait to see what Pokemon becomes, but it’s not quite there yet.”

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