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You can score interesting savings on Motorola’s latest foldable devices if you act fast

Moto’s new foldable smartphones look hot! They were recently announced, and it seems that this time Motorola has managed to come up with a couple of new devices that will give Samsung decent competition in the foldable phone segment. The best part is that Motorola has also found a way to work with some of America’s largest carriers to get you up to $1,000 in savings on your new device, which basically means that you can get your new Moto razr+ 2023 for free after checking some conditions.

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Motorola Razr+ (2023)

The Motorola Razr+ (2023) (also known as Razr 40 Ultra in some regions) is the company’s latest flip-style foldable. It features a 6.9-inch AMOLED foldable display, a 3.6-inch cover screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor, 12MP and 13MP cameras, and much more.


Here at Pocketnow, we’re happy to bring you the best tech deals we come across, so you can save as much money as possible on your favorite products and purchases without spending time looking for them. However, the deals we post are valid at the time of publishing our articles, and by the time you come across them, they might no longer be available, or products could be out of stock. Please keep that in mind as we remain committed to working with you in favor of your wallet!

Your best option may arrive from T-Mobile, where you will get a free Moto razr+ 2023 for free when you purchase your device on a monthly payment plan and pay the applicable sales tax on the pre-credit price at the time of purchase, and then add a new line on Go5G Plus or Magenta MAX. This will get you 24 monthly bill credits of up to $1,000 to pay for your new device. However, canceling the wireless service will stop credits, and you will have to pay for the remaining balance. T-Mobile will also get you up to $1,00 trade-in savings via 24 monthly bill credits when you trade in one of the latest devices from Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, and Google.


You can also head over to AT&T, where you can purchase your new Moto razr+ 2023 for as low as $5/mo, which is great considering that this device retails for $28/mo during 36 months. Still, you will need an eligible unlimited plan to take advantage of this deal. And remember that you can also enroll in AT&T Next Up, which will allow you to upgrade early by turning in your device for a new one after paying off 50% of the cost. You can also consider trading in one of your current devices, but I didn’t see any compelling trade-in offers here.

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