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All the abilities in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are pretty impressive, but Recall could be the most powerful one of them all.

Tears of the Kingdom has plenty of differences compared to its predecessor, even if some things stay the same, with one of the most notable changes being the four main powers Link has. Ultrahand lets Link pick up and construct a whole range of wacky contraptions, Ascend basically lets you cheat the game, and Fuse can even let you recreate a scene from the animated series. But it might be Recall, which has the ability to rewind the movements of almost any object in the game, that could be the strong ability of the lot.

There are some places where it’s pretty obvious that you should use Recall; plenty of shrines, for one thing, but also for lobbing rocks or spiky steel balls back at enemies, like we’ve seen in the trailers. Of course it wouldn’t be until players get their hands on the game that we’d see the full extent of what Recall can do, and it’s looking pretty impressive so far.

For one, there’s this clip from the team over at Waypoint featuring Austin Walker experimenting with Recall and Ultrahand. In the clip he uses Ultrahand to move a Wing out above a chasm, then brings it back to Link safe on land. After that, he uses Recall to rewind the Wing back out to above the hole before jumping on it, and gliding down below.

Then there’s this clip from finnsfrank on Reddit, using the same two abilities again, and another Wing, to help them glide from one island to the next.

[TotK] Combining Abilities
by u/finnsfrank in zelda

This user went even bigger brained by pairing Ultrahand, Recall, and Ascend together to essentially create an elevator.

I thought the new powers each seems a bit specialized and inflexible, turns out I worried too much
by u/wkjdfx in tearsofthekingdom

You can also use Recall to attach a fan to your Wing mid flight for an extra boost.

Easy midair fan attachment using recall
by u/usroute_666 in tearsofthekingdom

And oh, you can also use it to catch a chicken wing that otherwise would have fallen to its doom. Priorities!

Ancient god: I have bestowed you the power to bend time to your will. Use it wisely, as the world is counting on you. Me grabbing the drumstick: Huh?
by u/wkjdfx in tearsofthekingdom

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