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In a recent interview, Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty claims that Redfall is getting “good play” on Game Pass despite an overall negative rating.

It is no secret that since its launch in April, the vampire-slaying RPG has not received the most positive reviews. With Redfall currently sitting at a 3.5 user score on Metacritic, you would assume that players weren’t itching to get their hands on it. 

However, according to Xbox Game Pass statistics, this is not the case.

Redfall Is Performing Well On Game Pass Despite Negative Ratings

Arkane Studios latest title is one of the most well-known games of 2023 but not for the right reasons. After a launch filled with bugs, glitches and an overall lacklustre experience, Redfall is sitting at a ‘mostly negative rating on Steam.’

However, during an interview with Axios Gaming, Booty claimed that the game was getting “good play” over on the Xbox Game Pass. However, he does admit that the game was “a miss.” 

He also revealed that he is not going to give up on Redfall and is willing to support Arkane and “deliver the game they had in mind.” 

“I feel accountable that we could have done a better job with Arkane,” he goes on to say. 

Redfall is performing well on Xbox Games Pass despite an overall negative rating
Credit: Arkane Studios

Arkane Studios Is Not Closing

This news also comes after rumours began circulating that Arkane Studios would be closing as a result of Redfall’s reception. 

However, Microsoft has confirmed that the studio will remain open. 

So it appears as though Xbox is willing to work with Arkane to make Redfall an enjoyable gaming experience in the future. 

This was also confirmed by Xbox head, Phil Spencer back in May. Although he was “disappointed” with Redfall’s reception, he claims that he would be willing to “continue work on the game.” 

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