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Palworld has been given a shiny new trailer during the Summer Game Fest, with a January 2024 release window being announced for the game. Now, if you’re wondering what Palword even is, let me give you a brief introduction: it’s Pokemon with machine guns. Lots of them.

This creature collector is also a third-person shooter, which is a concept I’ve always wanted to see in action, and now Palworld is delivering it.

Catch the Summer Game Fest Palworld trailer right here.

Players will be stepping into a beautiful world made up of varying biomes to collect creatures known as ‘Pals’; plenty of which bear striking resemblance to Pokemon’s Wooloo, Lugia, Electabuzz, and more. On top of that, Pals also possess their own elemental abilities (what a surprise!) that we can use in battle.

The trailer itself shows off Palworld’s stunning environments, with plenty of Pals and an arsenal of weapons on display. You see Pals weilding machine guns, LMGs, and all kinds of devices, making it equal parts cute and unnerving. On top of that, players can build their own homesteads, Pal-powered factories, and of course, crawl plenty of dungeons with Pals by their side.

The idea of collecting an army of Pals to use in battle or have work in factories definitely seems questionable, but there’s absolutely no denying that Palword looks like an absolute blast. I look forward to seeing more of it next year, but what do you think?

This isn’t the only Pokemon knock-off that’s getting traction at the moment, either; we recently saw Cassette Beasts launch for PC and Xbox, and it did extremely well. The appetite for monster-collecting games is alive and well, and Palworld looks set to capitalise on that adeptly.

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