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Samsung’s battery division, like most other big tech companies these days, is tirelessly working on a new solid-state battery tech and according to people familiar with the matter, the firm has made big progress lately. Recently, Xiaomi also confirmed working on solid-state battery technology and that it’s making progress, but QuantumScape is perhaps the most promising manufacturer. It’s already working with select car manufacturers and has supplied its partners with prototypes to test with.

Report: Samsung is making big strides towards solid-state battery future

Samsung has been working on an oxide-based solid-state battery prototype for over a decade now and allegedly made a breakthrough recently. But the interesting bit is that two separate divisions will try to incorporate the new tech into actual products.

Samsung’s Electro-Mechanics department will try to deliver solid-state batteries tailored towards smart and mobile devices. Samsung SDI, on the other hand, will focus on developing a solid-state battery with sulfide electrolytes for the EV sector.

Solid state batteries improve the energy density, allowing larger capacities to fit within the same volume, but they are also beneficial to a battery’s long term endurance. They are expected to usher in a new era in smartphone development and EV mobility.


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