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Capcom has shared a good look at Resident Evil 4 remake’s PSVR 2 mode, and it looks as great as you would have hoped for. Sadly, there’s no release date just yet, and it’s still just “in development”.

Resident Eivl 4 VR Mode will be free DLC for the PS5 version of the game, letting you play the full main story within PSVR 2.

You’ll be put into Leon’s shoes in the first person, really throwing you into the heart of the action. Naturally there will be a big shift in tone in going from third to first person, but also some more freedom. The trailer shows the early village stage and how much more intense it looks. It also shows off the knife, which you can swing more freely in VR.

Resident Evil has become a bit of a VR staple, after the PSVR mode in Resident Evil 7, and the more recent Resident Evil Village VR Mode for PSVR 2.

Speaking of the latter RE Village update, Tuff said, “There’s a lot to love about Resident Evil Village on PlayStation VR2, and it’s certainly a showcase for the audio and visuals, but it does suffer from not being built specifically for VR.”

Hopefully RE4 can round off some rough edges, because the main game is excellent.

In our Resident Evil 4 review, Steve wrote, “Resident Evil 4 Remake is a more mature and darker take on Leon’s Euro Trip that constantly plays with your expectations and prior knowledge. The core narrative stays true to the original, but it’s not afraid to make some significant changes, while the new gameplay flow lends itself brilliantly for repeated runs for specific challenges that I’m already planning. I’m eagerly awaiting the Mercenaries mode as the hard hitting combat should be perfect for high score chasing, but in the meantime Leon is about to have a bad day all over again.”

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