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What you need to know

  • Samsung Display unveils a fingerprint Sensor OLED display for monitoring a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, and stress levels.
  • A light-sensing organic photodiode (OPD) is embedded within the display, using OLED light to gather your cardiovascular information.
  • Samsung will also resurface the “Rollable Flex” technology for rollable phones at SID Display Week 2023.

SID Display Week 2023 is underway, and Samsung Display has taken the wraps off a new biosensor display in a way the mobile industry has yet to see. According to a Samsung Display press release, the company is set to unveil a Sensor OLED display that can recognize a user’s fingerprints anywhere on the display. Samsung states this new display can measure a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, and stress levels from the touch of two fingers.

Technically speaking, Samsung’s Sensor OLED display has a light-sensing organic photodiode (OPD) embedded within the display itself. This new development does away with a smartphone’s fingerprint sensor today where it’s a separate module entirely beneath the initial panel.

A person's finger testing Samsung's Sensor OLED display for critical heart information.

(Image credit: Samsung)

OLED light is used to provide these critical cardiovascular measurements to users. Samsung states the light is “reflected differently depending on the contraction and relaxation of the blood vessels inside the finger.” When the light returns to the panel, the OPD collects it and converts the data into information we can understand health-wise.

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