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Sony has been on a bit of roll lately with its new ZV range of vlogging cameras and announced the newest member today in the form of the ZV-1 II, which is the second generation model of the three year old ZV-1.

Sony announces the ZV-1 II vlogging camera for $900

On paper, the new model isn’t a major improvement over its predecessor. The biggest change comes in the form of a wider 18-50mm f1.8-4 lens compared to the 24-70mm f1.8-2.8 lens on the ZV-1. The new lens, however, is not optically stabilized.

Most of the other changes to the ZV-1 II actually come from last year’s ZV-1F. This includes features such as the USB-C connector, 3-capsule microphone, and a relocated tripod mount as well as the entire UI and feature set is also borrowed from that camera.

Aside from that, the new ZV-1 II is identical to the ZV-1, including having the same sensor, processor, display, stabilization, autofocus, battery, photo and video features.

The ZV-1 II is $900 and will be available in June.


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