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Sony revealed that it’s working on a new handheld gaming device, internally codenamed as Project Q. Before you get your hopes up, no, it’s not a successor of the successful PSP lineup, instead it’s a streaming device that’ll enable PlayStation 5 users to wirelessly play their games via Wi-Fi. The handheld console will not reportedly have the capability to play games natively on the device, and it will rely on a stable wireless connection and the user’s PlayStation 5 to play games on-the-go.


At the PlayStation Showcase event, Sony revealed that it’s working on a new handheld gaming device, codenamed internally as Project Q. The company revealed that the device would feature a large 8-inch FHD IPS LCD display, and that it’ll be capable of playing games at 1080p at 60fps. The device will be compatible with games installed on the user’s PlayStation 5 gaming console, and it’ll use Remote Play over Wi-Fi to deliver a smooth gaming experience.

The console will heavily rely on the PlayStation 5 and a stable Wi-Fi connection in order to deliver a playable 60fps, and we don’t yet know if it’ll be capable of playing games via 5G or 4G LTE. It’s worth mentioning that Remote Play does support cellular connectivity, but there’s a chance users may be forced to share a hotspot to play games. Sony also shared that the device features all the buttons and features of the DualSense PS5 controlled, including the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

In terms of looks, the device looks like most streaming handheld devices that we’ve seen from the likes of Logitech and Razer, and it doesn’t look the like the two side controllers can be disconnected as they’re all part of the unibody.

Project Q is great, but where is the next PSP?

Project Q looks like a PSP on steroids. It includes the comfortable shape and all the features of the DualSense controller that we all love and enjoy, and at first glance, it seems like the display will be more than enjoyable, too, with an adequate size and technology. However, this raises the question as to why Sony is unwilling to join the new handheld console race with the return of the fan-favorite PSP lineup.

As someone who owned a PSP 1000 for several years, it’s baffling to see that Sony is refusing to return at a time when everyone is competing in this era. There’s no better time to join the race than now, and as a fan of the PSP line, I think Sony would have a head start – assuming the company could license some of its biggest franchises to the portable gaming device.


Sony could easily use its existing lineup of games and expert knowledge to dominate the market and become successful again with its retired PSP lineup. The company has everything in its power to return, yet it chooses to go wireless instead. And it makes sense, to some degree. The future is all about cloud and wireless gaming, but as it stands, it’s still many years away from being the new standard.

This strategy could make the Project Q handheld harder to recommend, since many modern countries still suffer from big latency issues, and the internet connection is still patchy at many locations. The limitation of only allowing PS5 users to use the device also limits Sony’s reach and ability to market this as a standalone product. Sure enough, users can hook up to a local Wi-Fi or share their 4G or 5G hotspot from their laptops or smartphones, but chances are, the experience might not be as great as many think. This severely limits the teased product, making me want the PSP back with a powerful hardware and a large library of games.

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