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Blizzard continues to release patches big and small in response to Diablo 4 bugs, class balance being out of whack, and occasionally, fix an XP farm.

Hotfixes six, and seven both rolled on Thursday, and they’re among the largest for the game so far.

The latest hotfixes address a few areas, though most of them are balance changes. The biggest tweak, however, comes to a boring – albeit effective – infinite XP farm that some players had been making use of.

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MMOs and XP farms have always been friends, eh?

Fly Hosts are the enemies that send out those annoying little flies, which technically meant you could kill them indefinitely for free XP. That was an even bigger problem when Trembling Masses were involved. That XP farm has been fixed.

Elite enemy spawn rate in dungeons has been adjusted yet again with this patch. Speaking of dungeons, you should no longer get teleported to the wrong location when you transition between dungeon levels. That issue actually caused some players to be locked out of making progress, and would need to reset the dungeon to continue.

For those of you going after World Bosses, you may not be so happy to learn that the level range for World Tier 3, and 4 has been increased.

Hotfixes six, and seven also bring one tweak for the Rogue class, and it has to do with an incorrect cooldown reduction on the Advanced Twisting Blades’ tooltip. Finally, the Aspect of Unstable Imbuements will no longer get a major boost from damage amplification effects.

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