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Steam Next Fest returns next week with tons of demos to try.

Along with demos, you can expect developer livestreams, chats, and more.

Explore and play hundreds of demos, choose from dozens of livestreams to watch, and chat with developers.

During Next Fest, all games can be found on one Steam hub, and each game will take you to the respective store pages. Once there, you can learn more about the titles and download demos.

Some of the demos you will be able to try are for the following games, which were shown off in the trailer above: Captains of the Wacky Waters, Tagline, Dreamed Away, House Flipper 2, SteamWorld Build, Galacticare, The Master’s Pupil, ArcRacer, Eternights, Dungeon Golf, Deer Crusade, Synced, Echo Wisp, Voidborn, LunarLux, and Ugly.

Other demos you will be able to try are as follows: Goodbye Volcano High, Venba, Little Kitty, Big City, Surmount, Saltsea Chronicles, Nour: Play with Your Food, Warhaven, CorpoNation: The Sorting Process, Disco Simulator, Jumplight Odyssey, Runa & the Chaikuru, Alien Hominid Invasion, Dicefolk, and many, many more.

The previous Next Fest took place back in February, and after the June edition, the next one will be held in October.

The first Steam Game Festival was held in 2019 alongside The Game Awards. In 2021, Valve rebranded the event to what we now know as Next Fest.

Steam Next Fest June edition takes place June 19-26.

Something else Steam-related to look forward to is the Summer Sale which begins on June 29. Mark your calendars.

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