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Street Fighter 6 is clearly already doing quite well for itself, as the latest in the fighting game series hit one million players within its first three days.

Earlier today, the Japanese Street Fighter account shared that the recently released sequel managed to hit more than one million players within the first three days since launch. On top of that, with these figures the total number of copies sold across the series has exceeded 50 million. There’s a cute piece of artwork thanking players for reaching the milestone, and there was also the promise of an in-game reward to celebrate, which is apparently a profile title.

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Over in the UK, it hasn’t managed to beat The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in terms of boxed sales though, as reported by Street Fighter 6 has managed to debut at number two in the UK charts, and while it apparently isn’t a massively strong start in terms of boxed sales, it’s likely most of the sales will come from digital sales anyway. With a million players reached, it sounds like the game is doing just fine.

It’s certainly a much stronger start compared to the previous entry in the series too, Street Fighter 5, which only managed to shift 1.4 million copies in the first month of the game’s release. Street Fighter 5 was generally quite poorly received by fans at the time of its release, notably because of a lack of arcade and story modes, as well as big issues with rage quitting.

Street Fighter 6, on the other hand, is clearly being well received by fans, as it also quickly beat Mortal Kombat as being Steam’s most played fighting game ever. It’s also reviewed incredibly well, with VG247’s Alex giving the game 5/5 stars in his review, highlighting the strong fighting system and varied content modes.

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