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Summer Game Fest 2023 is here. Or maybe it’s been here for a while – I find it hard to keep track of what falls under the large umbrella brandished with a big photo of Geoff Keighley’s face. Everything might be Summer Game Fest. Who actually knows? Anyway, we’re in for a treat (hopefully), with showcase events from Xbox, Ubisoft, and Devolver, plus the actual Summer Game Fest showcase.

We’ve got all the details of the shows just below, along with links to how to watch them, but you’ll be able to find ongoing coverage right here if you don’t fancy ever opening up another web page. The Summer Game Fest live blog will be updated with key news stories and the occasional hillarious comment, probably saying something like “Wow, Starfail, am I right?” just because the frame rate dropped to 29FPS during some pre-release gameplay or something.

Showcase Date BST CEST PDT EDT
Summer Game Fest June 8 8PM 9PM 12PM 3PM
Day of the Devs June 8 10PM 11PM 2PM 5PM
Devolver Digital June 8 11PM 12AM 3PM 6PM
Access-Ability Summer Showcase June 9 4PM 5PM 8AM 11AM
Tribeca Games Spotlight June 9 8PM 9PM 12PM 3PM
Wholesome Direct June 10 5PM 6PM 9AM 12PM
Future Games Show June 10 6PM 7PM 10AM 1PM
Xbox Games Showcase & Starfield Direct June 11 6PM 7PM 10AM 1PM
PC Gaming Show June 11 9PM 10PM 1PM 4PM
Ubisoft Forward June 12 6PM 7PM 10AM 1PM
Capcom Showcase June 12 11PM 12AM 3PM 6PM
Xbox Games Showcase Extended June 13 6PM 7PM 10AM 1PM

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