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Unfortunately, you can’t pet the dog in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but that doesn’t mean players aren’t finding ways to do so.

Tears of the Kingdom is very obviously a frontrunner for game of the year. There’s no question about it, with the game selling 10 million copies in three days, and it currently being the highest rated game of all time on OpenCritic. There’s just one overwhelmingly glaring and catastrophic flaw about it: you can’t pet the dog (though you can befriend them, and here’s how). I know, I know, it almost ruined the game for me too. There’s a whole Twitter about petting the dog, Nintendo! Get with the times! Thankfully, though, players are coming through for the rest of us, as some are finding creative ways to be able to pet the dog.

Ironically enough, the ways that some players are finding ways to pet the dog comes from the Ultrahand ability, which lets you create all manner of wacky and wonderful creations. So players have been putting this new, slightly overpowered, ability to good use by making some contraptions to be able to pet the dog.

GreenyRob85’s take on it is quite a simple but effective one: he just took a square wooden board, attached four tree logs as fingers, and used Ultrahand to pick up the makeshift hand to pet the dog. Sure, it’s a bit oversized and might give the dog splinters, but what other options are there?

Well, you could be like Noah and make an automated contraption that regularly divvies out pets, so long as you get the dog in the right position. This one uses a wheel as a hand, which isn’t perfect, but it’s something.

Jon Cartright of Good Vibes Gaming showed off his take on a petting contraption, which took some experimentation, but it does have one thing the others don’t: a real hand! Sure, it might be the arm of a Stalkoblin, but country boys make do.

While we might not be able to pet the dog without some kind of overly complicated contraption, at least we have fan artists to fill in the gaps.

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