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What you need to know

  • Google release the Beta 3 build for Android 14 which builds upon user privacy, security, customization, and performance.
  • With APIs and app-facing behaviors finalized, developers should begin reviewing their apps and preparing them for publication.
  • Google has extended access to the Android 14 Beta 3 and future releases to the Pixel 7a, as well.

Google’s next major OS release, Android 14, is moving into the final stages of its development. According to an Android Developers blog post, today’s release of Android 14 Beta 3 means the software has moved into Platform Stability — the final stage before its stable launch.

This means APIs and app-facing behaviors have been finalized so developers can begin reviewing them in preparation for further integration into their apps ahead of the stable release later this year.

Android 14 beta timeline as shared by Google

(Image credit: Google)

Google states Android 14 Beta 3 further builds on “core themes” regarding user privacy, security, performance, and user customization. The ability to grant partial access to photos and videos has been included as a result. Google states this will let users grant the app partial access to their device’s media library whenever a developer’s app requests permission.

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