The Apple Vision Pro is a rare opportunity for Google, Samsung, and the Quest 3 Leave a comment

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Is the Apple Vision Pro worth $3,500? That’s something the tech world will keep debating right up until its 2024 launch. But in the meantime, two other mixed-reality headsets are set to arrive this year: the Meta Quest 3 and the unnamed Samsung XR headset running some form of Android OS. And each has the opportunity to benefit from Apple’s sky-high entry into the XR space.

By all accounts of journalists who got to try it at WWDC 2023, the Vision Pro puts the visual quality of the Meta Quest Pro to shame. UploadVR’s Ian Hamilton, whom I trust more than non-VR writers experiencing the tech as newbies, had some caveats with the wired battery and avatars but was absolutely blown away by the lifelike passthrough, hand-tracked controls, and 3D applications.

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