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Konami have revealed a trailer for Silent Hill: Ascension, a new “event” in the same vein as the Dark Pictures anthology with multiple characters, with each choice dictating how the story will unfold.

Now the slight twist is this game is “Streaming”.

In SILENT HILL: Ascension ‎the actions of millions will determine the outcome. By the time the last scene streams, which characters have survived? Will those who are left be redeemed, damned, or suffer? Even the project’s creators do not know how SILENT HILL: Ascension ‎will end. Instead, the character’s fates are in the audience’s hands.

This isn’t a game in the traditional sense, it’s a “MILE”, a Massively Interactive Live Event. How that works hasn’t really been explained, will it be on Netflix, will it be on consoles, who knows. Genvid have previously made MILEs for The Walking Dead: The Last Mile and Pac-Man (yup, Pac-Man) and both of these were streamed on Facebook.

“We’ve gone the extra mile to create a dreamlike world in SILENT HILL: Ascension ‎with disturbing, hyper-detailed characters, other-worldly monsters, immersive atmospheres, and an overall audio and visual design that our team is very proud of,” said Chris Amaral, Art Director at Bad Robot Games. “The detailed environments, the eerie ambiance, and the realistic characters and monsters should really enhance the horror experience, creating something that is pure SILENT HILL, while also feeling unique for the franchise.”

SILENT HILL: Ascension ‎will captivate audiences with its immersive experience, spotlighting stunning visuals and live community-driven moments, all while exploring the psychological horror that has made the SILENT HILL series so beloved by fans worldwide. For the first time in the SILENT HILL history, the collective audience will be able to influence the story, determining crucial outcomes for the complex, evolving characters in this series,” said Jacob Navok, CEO of Genvid Entertainment.

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