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After The Last of Us Part 1 arrived on PC back in March to a series of technical issues, it is now finally Steam Deck verified once again. Here’s what we know.

It is no secret that since its Steam launch back in March, The Last of Us Part 1 has not had an easy ride. With the launch having game-breaking bugs and crashes, Naughty Dog set to work on releasing a series of patches and hotfixes.

Now as of June 13 and the arrival of patch 1.1, TLOU Part 1 should finally run better. 

The Last Of Us Part 1 Is Now Stream Deck Verified

“Patch 1.1 is now live for The Last of Us Part I on PC, including performance improvements, fixes for various crashes, and more,” announced Naughty Dog via Twitter. 

Not only that but they were “happy to announce that Part I is now Steam Deck Verified.” This news comes after its Stream Deck version was previously discredited due to bad technical performance. 

What’s new with Patch 1.1

With the latest patch being the biggest so far, it is worth heading over to the official website to read them in full. However, let’s look at the most important fixes the team has been working on. 

There have been some overall improvements to global CPU and GPU performance, including improvements to textures and environmental loading. 

Multiple crash points have been fixed including ones that would occur during the game’s Photo Mode, whilst using a mouse with high DPI and playing on Ultra graphics preset with DLSS enabled.

Naughty Dog have also solved several issues with the text-to-speech translations as well as support for players using third-party audio drivers.

The Last of Us Part 1 is now available to play on the Stream Deck
Credit: Naughty Dog

Future Improvements

At the end of the hefty list of hotfixes, Naughty Dog also promised that they would be “watching player reports to support future improvements and patches. We are actively optimizing, working on game stability, and implementing additional fixes which will all be included in regularly released future updates.” 

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