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The most important upgrade on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 over the Z Flip4 is the larger cover display – moving up from the tiny 1.9” (512 x 260px) to 3.4” (720 x 748px) will enable Samsung to run apps on the cover display, not just basic widgets.

The company has allegedly worked with Google to include apps like Google Maps. Right now it’s not clear how much of Maps’ functionality will be available with the phone closed – it could be the whole app (like on the Moto Razr40 Ultra) or it could be a trimmed down version.

Cover display size comparison: Galaxy Z Flip4 • Z Flip5
Cover display size comparison: Galaxy Z Flip4 • Z Flip5

The Maps UI ran into issues on the Razr as it didn’t go around camera punch holes. This will be an issue for the Galaxy Z Flip5 too and its folder-shaped cover display.

Anyway, other Google apps could be accessible from the external display, including Messages and YouTube. Of course, Samsung will bring as many One UI apps to that display as it makes sense too.

It probably won’t be as functional as the cover display on the Galaxy Z Fold5, but the new 3.4” panel will mean that you have to open the phone less often.

For more on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, check out this post. The official reveal is set for July 26.

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