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Samsung today announced new features in One UI 5 Watch that will be available later this year for upcoming Galaxy Watch smartwatches, as well as the Galaxy Watch 5, and Galaxy Watch 4 series. The new One UI 5 Watch software is bringing even more personalized and health experiences, and there are many enhancements to sleep tracking, and various other fitness and safety features.

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Improved sleep tracking

In the press release, Samsung said that it focused on three key elements for getting better sleep. “Understanding personal sleep patterns, building healthy habits, and establishing a sleep-friendly environment.” As a result of the new changes, the new Sleep Insights panels will prominently display the user’s sleep score to provide a better understanding of the metrics, such as sleep phases, snoring hours, and blood oxygen levels.


Galaxy Watch5 series_One UI 5 Watch_sleep

In addition, the Sleep Coaching feature will be tailored for eight different sleep types. This will be accessible on both the Galaxy smartwatches, as well as on the paired device, making it easier to track user habits anywhere, anytime.

Samsung also mentions that a comfortable environment can make a big difference to the quality of sleep a person receives, and notes that even small distractions can have outsized impacts. To help combat the issue, when the Galaxy Watch detects that the person has fallen asleep, SmartThings will let the user switch off their connected devices to create a more conducive environment for rest. Sleep Mode mutes notifications and dim’s the user’s phone, watch screen. Additionally, the Galaxy Watches will now use the infrared sensor rather than the green LED light to further minimize distractions.

Personalized heart rate zone

Galaxy Watch5 series_One UI 5 Watch_fitness

Samsung added a new personalized heart rate zone to provide even more running tools, including real-time running analysis and a customized interval training program. The new feature will analyze individual physical capabilities and set five optimal workout intensity levels, including warm-up, fat burn, cardio, hard-training, and max. Effort. The features will enable users to set their own goals based on their ability to get the most out of their workouts, and to get closer to their goals.

Outdoor enthusiasts with the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will also receive additional benefits, including an expanded Route Workout. The feature will now support running and walking alongside the previously available hiking and cycling route options. Samsung also states that Galaxy Watch 5 Pro users will also be able to search and access the GPX File Database directly via the Samsung Health app, and receive recommendations on new routes based on inputs like location, time, rating, and popularity.

Safety features

Galaxy Watch5 series_One UI 5 Watch_Safety

Focus on new safety features for wearables and smartphones took off in recent years, and Samsung is clearly aware that it needs to do some work to keep up with the competition. As a result, the new One UI 5 Watch software will offer improved tools for greater peace of mind. Updates to the SOS feature will enable direct communication to an emergency service number to relax information on the weather’s location, and will also allow access to the wearer’s medical information.

Fall detection has been available in the past, and the feature will now be activated by default for users of advanced ages to help lower the risk of emergencies, says Samsung. While it’s great to see this feature, we wonder what Samsung will do to prevent accidental calls to emergency centers, and optimize the detection.

When will I receive the new One UI 5 Watch update?

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Featured Image
Source: Samsung

Samsung says that the new One UI 5 Watch software update will be available for the upcoming Galaxy Watch series later this year, with further updates to be announced soon. Samsung also states that the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 4 series users in the US and Korea can register for the beta program starting in May via the Samsung Members app.

Based on the latest rumors and leaks, we’re expecting Samsung to announce the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 series at the end of July, 2023, alongside the new foldable flagships and Galaxy Tab S9 series of tablets.

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