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Following Twitch streamer Nickmercs’ recent anti-LGBT+ comments which resulted in his skin being removed from the Call of Duty store, friend and fellow streamer TimTheTatman has also requested the removal of his in support. 

Last week saw Twitch streamer and Faze co-owner Nickmercs face backlash after making unsavoury comments surrounding Pride Month being celebrated in schools.

As a result, Activision took down his skin bundle from the Call of Duty Warzone store. 

TimTheTatMan Stands In Support

Since then, TimTheTatman has taken to Twitter to ask Activision to take down his Operator Bundle too in support of his friend. 

“Nickmercs has been my friend for years- we went in getting our CoD operators together,” the streamer wrote via Twitter. It feels wrong for me to have mine and him no longer have his. In support of my friend, please remove the timthetatman bundle.”

Since then, Activision has obliged his request and his Operator Bundle is no longer available in the Call of Duty store. The company also released a short statement: 

“At Tim’s request, we have removed the TimTheTatman operator bundle from the Modern Warfare II and the Warzone store,“ said an Activision spokesperson for Gamespot

Further Comments

Since the removal of his bundle, TimTheTatman spoke about the situation on a recent stream. 

“I truly do not think he meant to hurt anyone with what he said,” Tim commented.

However, since making the comment, Nickmercs has refused to remove it from his Twitter account and will not offer an apology. It appears he is sticking to his anti-LGBT+ comments despite the backlash. 

Those who have already purchased the Operator Bundles in the past will still have access to them. However, they are no longer available to purchase. 

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