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Creative Assembly has announced Total War: Pharaoh, taking the historical grand strategy series to Ancient Egypt for the first time, and coming out across PC in October 2023. A Mac version will be coming after release via Feral Interactive.

Total War: Pharaoh will focus in on the Egyptian New Kingdom, and more specifically the end of Egypt’s dominance as three great cultures – the Egyptians, Canaanites and Hittites – clash amid the Bronze-Age Collapse.

Egypt is very much the focus here with four leaders to play as, while Canaanite and Hittite players will have a choice of two each. Those leaders are:

  • Egyptian: Ramesses, Seti, Tausret, Amenmesse
  • Canaanite: Bay and Irsu
  • Hittite: Kurunta and Suppiluliuma

Looking to ramp up the spectacle of the battles that you see will be new dynamic weather, with thunderstorms able to roll in and sandstorms whip up, both affecting how you can use fire and archers, impacting stamina and potentially shifting the tides of battle. Speaking of fire, this can now set fire and spread across the battlefield, so you might target forests that enemies are looking to sneak through or try to damage enemy settlements.

A new Campaign Customisation feature will aim to make no two campaigns feel the same. You’ll be able to mix things up with random starting positions, fiddle with resource availability, natural disasters and more. You can stack the odds against you or in your favour to get the experience that you want.

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