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Twitch streamer justfoxii has been left traumatised after a crazed fan travelled over 700 miles to her home and set her car on fire. 

It is no secret that well-known internet personalities have to deal with some fans who can’t respect boundaries. We have seen it with the likes of Amouranth who have had to spend thousands of dollars on security after being stalked by viewers. 

Now it seems as though Fortnite streamer justfoxii may have to do the same after she was a victim of an arson attack. 

Twitch Streamer Is Left Traumatised After Fan Sets Her Car On Fire

Whilst out of town on vacation, justfoxii received a phone call from her mother detailing how a man had come to her home looking for the streamer.

“My mom called me and woke me up. She was crying and I knew something really bad had happened. She said ‘someone caught your car on fire, I’m sorry, I have to go the police are here’,” she recounted. 

Upon receiving the news, justfoxii accessed her home’s security system and was met with the damage that had been caused when the man set fire to her car. She also noted how casual he appeared.

“The firefighters came very quickly, I’m thankful for that, because the fire spread to the fence and burnt the side of my house as well, which my mom and animals were inside of,” she continued. 

“We’re all traumatised in ways that I will never be able to describe but I’m just glad everybody is safe. I just never thought that when I started streaming that something like this would ever happen to me.”

Return to streaming

Since the horrific event, justfoxii took to Youtube to address the situation. She assures her fans that she is fine but it will be some time before she feels comfortable returning to streaming. 

She also reveals that the man in question had been arrested by police and that the situation is being dealt with.

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