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We’re in the midst of showcase season, which means we’re also stumbling across one too many leaks. The latest leaks to hit the ‘net are trailers for two new Persona titles; a Persona 3 Remake (called Persona 3 Reload), and a Persona 5 Tactica title.

Where have the leaks emerged from? Well, Atlus itself. The developer appears to have accidentally posted the two trailers to one of its Instagram accounts before swiftly removing them. Of course, folk across the internet had already preserved the trailers by this point.

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One of the games revealed was a remake of Persona 3, coined Persona 3 Reload (you can view the trailer via the link). You might be thinking, “huh, we only just received Persona 3 Portable, Kelsey!?” Well, Persona 3 Reload looks to be a full-blown remake of the instalment, giving players the chance to experience the full Persona 3 adventure, rather than just the portable version.

On top of Persona 3 Reload, a trailer for Persona 5 Tactica was also shared. This particular title is taking the loveable cast of Persona 5 and throwing them onto a turn-based battlefield. If you’ve played a Fire Emblem title in your lifetime, you’ll know what to expect.

All in all, these are leaks to be approached with a pinch of salt, because they are leaks at the end of the day. Though, considering the leaks came from Atlus itself, I think we can safely have our hopes up that these games are real.

What’s better is that if the trailers are true, we’ll be played Persona 5 Tactica relatively soon considering it has a release date of November 17. It’ll also be arriving on Xbox and PC, and be available for free to Xbox Game Pass Subscribers.

Persona 3 fans will be waiting a little longer for Persona 3 Reload to come to fruition, however. The trailer had a release window of early 2024, and will be coming to Xbox, PC, and the Cloud. That said, the games could be available for other platforms still!

Only time will tell, and maybe we’ll be given an official reveal of these two trailers at one of the many showcases over the coming days…

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