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After a long wait, a Team Deathmatch mode is finally coming to Riot’s tactical hero shooter Valorant.

Announced yesterday, Valorant’s Team Deathmatch is another 5v5 game mode where you squad up with your teammates against an enemy team across one of three new maps. Each match takes place over four timed stages, with the entire thing running at just under 10 minutes. Respawns are sounding very quick too, as they can happen every 1.5 seconds, so you’ll be back in the game in no time – you just need to be the first team to make it to 100 kills.

If either team doesn’t make it to 100 kills, then whichever has the highest number of kills will be the one to take home the victory. And if both teams have the same number, then it just simply ends in a draw. Easy peasy!

During a match, it will progress through the four stages, the first starting you off with just pistols, but “with each new stage, your loadout, and its lethality, will be automatically upgraded.” Don’t worry about your econ though, as there isn’t any in this particular game mode. On top of that, you’ll find weapon spawners in fixed locations around the map, which can be different each match, and some weapons being stage specific.

Abilities have a cooldown in this mode, and will recharge over time once they’ve run out. “Different abilities take different amounts of time to recharge,” the announcement post explains. If you’re wondering about ultimate abilities, you’ll find ultimate orbs that spawn throughout certain sections of the map, and when you collect enough of them, you can charge up your ult to 100% – each kill you get also increases how much your ult is charged.

This new mode drops at the end of the month, on June 27, as part of patch 7.0.

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