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Another week in the bag, and more games have been played. Perhaps not that surprising given what we’re doing here. I’ve spent a load of time with Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and I’m loving it so far, while I had a great time mixing things up with Lego 2K Drive and Grindstone. There’s also been a spot more Horizon Call of the Mountain which I’m planning on finishing this weekend. It’s a true system seller, and everyone needs to check it out.

Nic B has also been playing a “silly” amount of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and is so thoroughly absorbed by it that he’s not even played Marvel Snap this week!

It was a mixture of Zelda, Darkest Dungeon 2 and a bit of Somerville for Steve. He’s ben having fun with the shrines, but sucks at building contraptions in the game – “It’s an amazing game but my heart still prefers old school linear adventures.”

Jim’s been making steady progress with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, and has been fortunate enough to get some rather overpowered weapons early on, though he’s missing out on the crafting and looting systems because of this. He’s also been delving into the original Darkest Dungeon and enjoying it a lot more this time with the lower difficulty setting.

Meanwhile Aran’s been plugging away at Gears 5 and is about halfway through the enjoyable campaign. He’s had a bit of Pikuniku on the go for chill out gaming, and started on Protodroid Delta for a review next week.

Gamoc finished Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, “which is good but buggy – needs some polish,” before heading off to play Slay the Spire, Grid Legends, and a detective game set in a rebooting version of paradise that he can’t remember the name of. He also played Fortnite and won twice… with a lightsaber – “I might like Fortnite now.”

Tuffcub’s sole game of the week was Humanity, while Tef has taken a break from Tears of the Kingdom after reviewing it to play other games for a The Lamplighters League preview, and to get cracking on some other upcoming previews and reviews.

Lamplighters League Combat

From one mystery to another, Nick P has been playing a game for review that he can’t mention yet – “Let’s just say it might be alright.”

Now then, what have you been playing?

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