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The larger Diablo 4 is, the more the need for in-game social features becomes more pressing. Diablo 4 has a best-in-class party scaling system, but it’s let down by the lack of a basic LFG system.

The problem doesn’t become apparent until you finish the campaign, reach level 50 and start diving into the endgame. Though most players can solo campaign content just fine, things start to become significantly harder in the endgame.

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Hopefully you have a bunch of friends to explore this big world with.

Diablo 4 is an MMO, but it’s one without some basic group-finding features that are typical of the majority of MMOs. The game even wants players to group up, with boosts to XP gain that apply even to players in the vicinity of others. Especially in the endgame, Diablo 4 becomes a lot more hostile to solo players.

This is exemplified by the game’s Capstone Dungeons, which you need to beat in order to progress towards the different World Tiers. These are gruelling, multi-level dungeons that are meant for groups, even if they’re possible to do solo.

Reddit user AwesomePrawn, who suffered in one such dungeon because they ran it solo, decided to help other players struggling with their own Capstone Dungeons. They did this by browsing Xbox Live’s LFG requests, and responding to join randoms’ parties and help them get it done.

Apparently, people are offering upwards of 2 million Gold for the service of helping them run through dungeons, which is quite a lot of in-game money. But AwesomePrawn wasn’t after Gold, they just wanted to save others the misery they experienced.

Be the light in the darkness, respond to those LFG requests.

“The range of people I met and spoke with last night was crazy, from kids to grandparents,” they wrote. “First people I took through were a married couple with a wicked sense of humour, teasing each other, tame name calling but you could tell it was very much a positive part of their relationship and it was pretty adorable I admit.”

But the best part of the experience was running into a 70-year old grandparent who’s been playing Diablo for decades.

“Such a sweet older gentleman from Texas whose joy and enthusiasm for the game was just infectious and heart-warming. This guy obviously loved building his character and searching for the perfect gear for his class and he even taught me something I was unaware of when it came to spending Murmuring Obols, so thank you Bad JuJu.”

Hopefully this inspired you to help others through Diablo 4’s more demanding encounters. Our Diablo 4 page has plenty more stories from the community. You may also want to spend a few minutes browsing our Diablo 4 beginners guide, which we just updated with new helpful quest tips.

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