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For years, the iPad has ruled the tablet market, with Android competitors struggling to catch up. The iPad’s combination of top-notch media consumption capabilities, coupled with accessories like the keyboard and Apple Pencil, has made it an exceptional device. However, despite the tablet’s success, those using the iPad still complain that their iPad can’t replace their laptops due to the lack of proper computing apps and operating systems.

Today, that’s changing, as Apple has announced the arrival of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro on the iPad. Here we will take a look at Final Cut Pro for iPad, its features, price, availability, and why it is such a big deal.


Final Cut Pro on iPad: Features, pricing, availability, and supported models

Until now, Apple offered only iMovie app for those looking to edit and produce professional videos on their iPads. But, with the launch of Final Cut Pro on the iPad, the game has changed. Apple says Final Cut Pro has been optimized for touch interface, allowing creators to record, edit, finish, and share their work all from one portable device.

There’s a new ‘jog wheel’ that allows the user to maneuver the Magnetic Timeline, move clips, and make fast frame-accurate edits. The app also takes advantage of the Apple Pencil, allowing users to draw freely (and directly) on top of video content. Those with iPad Pro with M2 and Apple Pencil can even take advantage of the hover feature and preview the annotation without even touching the screen.


One of the standout features of Final Cut Pro for iPad is the Scene Removal Mask tool. This feature allows users to remove or replace backgrounds behind subjects in clips, all without the need for a green screen. There are several other features for mobile creators, such as Auto Crop, that adjusts the content for vertical, square, and other aspect ratios, and Voice Isolation, that removes background noise with just a tap of a button.

Users can also begin editing projects on the iPad and later transition to a Mac for more advanced editing. The app boasts a library of graphics, effects, and audio — including HDR backgrounds, animated patterns, and soundtracks that automatically adjust to video duration. Furthermore, color accuracy enthusiasts will appreciate the app’s support for Reference Mode during editing.

Final Cut Pro for iPad will be available starting May 23, 2023, at a cost of $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. As anticipated, only M-series iPads are supported. Here’s a quick recap of the pricing and availability details for Final Cut Pro on the iPad:

  • Price: $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year
  • Availability: May 23, 2023
  • Supported iPad models: iPads with M1 or M2 chip

Apple finally showcases the true power of the iPad

Why is this such a big deal? Second-generation into iPads with M-series chips, Apple has not had much to showcase the true power of this portable device. While there have been a few exclusive features for M-series iPad models — such as Stage Manager, which allows users to connect their iPad to a monitor and use it as a desktop device — the M1 and M2 iPads have not had something to showcase their true potential.

Now, with the launch of this app, Apple has shown us that this portable device is capable enough of doing something that even high-end laptops and desktop fail to do.

It is going to be huge for short-form video creators

While the launch of Final Cut Pro for iPad may seem like just another announcement for the average consumer, it is going to be a major win for short-form video creators. It’s 2023, and short form videos are on a rise. Content creators are emerging everywhere, and with the introduction of Final Cut Pro, they now have a tool to help them create professional videos on the go.

Moreover, the arrival of Final Cut Pro for iPad is not only a huge moment for creators, but the industry as a whole. It not only highlights the incredible processing power of the iPad, but also puts it to good use. With this, Apple has set a new benchmark for what’s possible on a tablet. We hope this will also encourage other developers to create more innovative and powerful apps for the iPad, and make it a much better device than it already is.

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