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Vampire Survivors is a proper good gam; the kind that only comes around every so often. The kind that makes Jim beg for a BAFTA win, the kind that gets picked up for TV treatment within months of launch.

Until now, the game was only available on PC and Xbox hardware and mobile. But now, at today’s Nintendo Direct, it was confirmed that Vampire Survivors is coming to Switch – and it’s bringing some friends with it.

Well, actually, it’s asking you to bring some friends along, too. The game – previously only available as a single-player experience – will be getting a couch co-op mode will come in a free update on August 17, which will let you play the whole Vampire Survivors saga with up to 4 players in local co-op on PC, Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and mobile.

“In co-op mode, you can either continue your current game or start a new adventure with friends to face the hordes of the undead,” reads a press release. “Players can seamlessly switch between single and co-op play between stages and unleash chaos. Like every good co-op game, Vampire Survivors will also offer opportunities to test your friendship and stretch the definition of the word “co-op”.”

The Nintendo Switch version will launch on the same day as the co-op update, cost $4,99/€4,99/£3,99, and arrive with all the latest updates to the indie mega hit.

The two DLCs – Legacy of the Moonspell and Tides of the Foscari – will also be available to purchase from the 17th August for Switch for $1,99/€1,99/£1,59 each.

If you haven’t already, you should play Vampire Survivors: it was Tom’s Game of the Year 2022, and with good reason.

“This simplistic looking action game sees you navigate 2D open world levels, with your character automatically attacking using a number of weapons that you gain as you play,” he wrote.

“The more you play, the more upgrades you can make, with successful runs ending in your character being able to fuck everything up by merely existing in the space. A proper badass. And it feels bloody brilliant.”

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