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Microsoft has announced the upcoming games arriving to the Xbox Game Pass in the first half of June. Let’s take a look at what you can download next month.

With some titles releasing as early as today with others taking us to June 13, Xbox Game Pass has released another bunch of exciting games for members. With everything from simulators, horror games and indie titles, next month has it all.

Xbox Game Pass Releases For The First Half of June

First up is Chicory: A Colorful Tale which is available to download today. This top-down adventure game takes place within the pages of a colouring book where you must use your artistic talents to fill the pages. Solve puzzles, make friends and draw on anything and everything. 
(Available for Cloud, Console and PC)

Also available today is Farworld Pioneers, an open-world sci-fi sandbox game. Whether you play alone or with friends, you can build and manage colonies on alien planets and even recruit AI companions with specific skill-sets. Most importantly, how you play is completely up to you.
(Available for Console & PC)

Farworld Pioneers (Credit: Xbox)

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 speeds on to Game Pass on June 1. Take on the role of a mechanic as you work your way up the service empire. Attend auctions and grab some unique vehicles, turn cars from heaps of junk into top-of-the-range buys and invest in equipment for your workshop.(Available for Cloud, Console and PC)

Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance of the Slayer also arrives on June 1 and is perfect for the gore fans out there. Do you have what it takes to become a X Slayer? Face a whole lot of blood and gore as you wield a vast arsenal of weapons and blow pretty much everything up. With an epic playlist, this shooter looks to be one hell of a time.
(Available for Cloud, Console and PC)

Next up on June 1 is indie game The Big Con. Set in 90’s America, play as a teenage con-artist who can don disguises, pick pockets and rip people off in many ways. This comedic crime-filled adventure is a unique homage to the 90s as you do what it takes to escape those pesky loan sharks. “The world is your oyster (and hey, pearls are worth a lot!).”
(Available for Cloud, Console and PC)

The Big Con (Credit: Mighty Yell Studios)

Horror fans can look forward to Amnesia: The Bunker on June 6. The survival horror game is the latest instalment in the Amnesia series and this one takes place in a desolate WW1 bunker. Face the terrors that creep in the darkness, use the tools and weapons at your disposal and try to escape no matter the cost.
(Available for Cloud, Console and PC)

June 6 will also see Hypnospace Outlaw arrive to the service. This 90s internet simulator tasks you with being a member of the Hypnospace Patrol Department. It is your job to scour the internet to hunt down any wrongdoers all whilst avoiding viruses, stopping internet bullying and even decorating your desktop.
(Available for Cloud, Console and PC)

Rune Factory 4 Special comes to Xbox Game Pass on June 8. This is the sixth instalment in the Rune Factory franchise and it is in this world you can grow crops, raise monsters, catch fish, cook and craft powerful equipment. The fantasy farming adventure has been told like never before as you do what it takes to live happily ever after.
(Available for Cloud, Console and PC)

Stacking arrives on June 8 and this adventure puzzle video game takes place in a vintage world inhabited by Russian stacking dolls. Become one of 100 dolls as you take on a wide variety of puzzles and challenges. However, with each doll having special abilities, be careful who you pick to take on each challenge.
(Available for Cloud and Console)

Dordogne (Credit: Un Je Ne Sais Quoi)

Last but not least, Dordogne will be available for download on June 13. This narrative adventure game allows you to explore the beautiful Dordogne region of France as you revisit your childhood. Uncover lost family secrets, explore a summer of a thousand colours and experience a world of hand-painted watercolour environments.
(Available for Cloud, Console and PC)

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