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Players are quickly demonstrating that just like in Breath of the Wild, there’s no “correct” way to play The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

One of the best parts of Breath of the Wild was that there was no one way that you had to do any particular thing. Sure, there were obvious intentions that Nintendo had for certain shrines and areas, but that doesn’t mean you had to do it that way – speedrunners proved that better than anyone. And that has stayed true for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, with players already showing that there isn’t a set way you have to do something. Spoiler warning ahead for shrines and early hours.

For example, take this one shrine that requires you to hit a target with a rolling ball. Obviously the thing Nintendo wants you to do, is use your abilities to create a bat to whack the ball towards the ramp, and hit the target. But Reddit user TiedSuite2 clearly found that with enough speed, anything attached with Ultrahand falls apart with enough force, and they managed to hit the target with a simple log. Neat!

[TotK] Task Failed Successfully
by u/TiedSuite2 in zelda

There’s also this shrine, which again has an obvious intended solution, something that doesn’t matter to Garrett Kidney who shared the clip. In it, you’re meant to use your abilities and Zonai battery to get across a chasm. Instead, Link just grind rails across on his shield, because you can just do that.

It’s not just shrines that players are taking unique approaches to. The world itself is full of mini puzzles that ask you to solve them however you can, even if it’s just getting to another island. On the starting island you’ll find you have to use minecarts to cross the different islands, and one particular crossing has some broken rails, making it a difficult task. So Reddit user FlashxFlash just made a train of minecarts, and it works just great!

[TotK] [SPOILERS] I made a dumb funny thing and spent 20 minutes laughing because it worked
by u/FlashxFlash in zelda

Though as demonstrated by Ding-Dong-Dang on Reddit, that doesn’t mean there aren’t wrong ways to do things. It’s the effort that counts!

[TotK] This adventure is gonna be tough for Link
by u/Ding-Dong-Dang in zelda

Though if you do find yourself in need of some help with some of the shrines because you can’t find your own way to do it, we’ve got guides for the first four in the game (i.e., the Ukouh, In-isa, Gutanbac, and Nachoyah shrines).

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